Only high quality leveled products will be copied or counterfeited.
But that is the only positive aspect. The majority of counterfeit goods originated from China.

Following products (see picture) are not and will not be manufactured from RÖMER / RFT. Type VT2-710 x 30-NB201/6S mentioned on the allegedly type label from RÖMER / RFT, is 100% a counterfeit product.  The original product designation is type RST-2-710 x 30.

All original products manufactured in Wetter, Germany will be labeled with RÖMER / RFT product designations.
In the picture gallery will be shown a type label of a Caliper safety disc brake.
Also this type RH25-2 is not manufactured by RÖMER / RFT. Original RFT product is type SCFH.

If you have further questions regarding the counterfeited products or if you are not sure to be in possession of such counterfeited products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please be sure RÖMER / RFT has reliable agents in China which can inform and help you at any time.