Thruster type RBL TH

Product description

Brake lifter to release and operate industrial brake systems.

  • Electro-hydraulical lifting device according to DIN 15430
  • Type RBL TH
  • Lifting forces from 250N to 4000N (others on request)
  • Piston strokes of 60 mm up to 120 mm for standard units
  • Standard ambient temperature: -25°C up to +50°C
  • Standard voltage: 230/400 V (+/- 5%), 50 Hz, 3 phase (Special voltage on request)


1. Thruster TURBO Control System. Reaktion time improved by 60%
2. Cooling system for thrusters / Protection against overheating

  • Special voltage
  • Thruster TURBO Control System / Faster reaction times
  • High temperature version: +50°C up to +70°C
  • Low temperature version: -25°C up to -40°C
  • Lowering valve
  • Integrated braking spring (C-spring)
  • ATEX version