Guide Roller System with integrated damping pads / Standard type SFRS

Product type:

  • SFRS / Standard


  • Integriertes Dämpfungspad zur Reduzierung von Stößen aufgrund Schienenversatz.

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Product description

Guide rollers Enable low wear, precise and exact guidance of wheels on rail systems.

  • Patented: Integrated damping pads!
  • Load ratings: Dynamic up to 150 kN 
  • Load ratings: Static up to 250 kN
  • Suitable for railbound systems
  • Suitable for different rail head profiles
  • Rail width: from 38 mm up to 153 mm
  • Lateral setting range up to ± 10 mm
  • Each bearing per guide roller is relubricatable easily
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Highest quality / Long service-life 
  • MADE IN GERMANY, own production


Recommendation: Each wheel should be guided via a guide roller system to guarantee an exact and precise guidance on the rail without having transverse forces within the system resulting from different speeds (e.g. worn wheels, ...).

  • Rapidly occurring impacts into the guide rollers can be reduced enormously by integrated damping pads. These impacts are caused by e.g. rail misalignments.
  • The guide roller system achieves high load ratings:
    - dynamic up to 150 kN
    - static up to 250 kN
    according to the maximuload capacity of full complemencylindrical roller bearing / twin-roller
  • The guide rollers are mounted into a sliding cassette which can be optimally positioned during final installation. The guide rollers must be positioned in the center of the rail / with a tolerance of +/- 2 mm
  • Integrated damping pads / Reduction of impulses and impacts resulting from e.g. rail misalignments
  • Absorption of axial AND radial forces at type SFRS-V / stronger version (Particularly suitable for fast moving systems)