Drum Brake type TB (formerly SB) twin bar levers

Product description

All components are made of steel - MADE IN GERMANY, own production. 

All RÖMER-Drum brakes are build to DIN 15435 standard and guarantees interchangeability. 

  • Brake torque adjustable
  • Twin-bar brake lever
  • Adjustable stops for brake levers
  • With brake shoe holding clips
  • Self-acting in case of power failure
  • Standard: Painting RAL 5009 (2-Component painting, dry thickness 80 µm)
  • Enclosed spring tube protects spring against damage and contamination

Brake torques: Up to 10.000 Nm (Standard version) Sizes:  200, 250, 315, 400L, 400V, 500, 630, 710 according to DIN

Standard brake drum Ø: 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 710 (other sizes on request)

  • Braking by spring force
  • Lifting by thruster
  • Brake torque adjustable
  • Self-acting in case of power failure
  • Electro-hydraulically / Thruster (Standard)
  • Hydraulically
  • Pneumatically
  • Magnetically
  • Electro-Mechanically
  • Manually (also available as static holding / parking brake, adjustable to any shaft diameter within DIN sizes)

Possible combinations of operation on request!

  • Mechanical limit switch protection "Brake open", "Brake close", "Brake check/wear"
  • Inductive limit switch protection "Brake open", "Brake close", "Brake check/wear"
  • Hand lifting device
  • Safety limit switch for "Hand lifting device in use"
  • Brake retarder / time-delayed braking
  • Automatic wear adjustment (AVN)
  • Cooling system for thrusters (Protection against overheating)
  • Thruster TURBO Control System (Faster brake reaction times)
  • Brake linings bonded AND riveted
  • Other brake lining quality (material) and friction coefficient on request (Standard "Bremskerl 5837")
  • Relubricatable bearings
  • Special construction for horizontal or suspended mounting with support
  • Special painting (Please specify RAL color)
  • Special construction