Disc brake type RST / Service brake

Product type:

  • Disc brake

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Product description

"Fast speed" brake. Fail-Safe principle!

  • Torque adjustable
  • For brake disc ø 250 mm to ø 1250 mm
  • Braking torques from 200 Nm up to 22000 Nm per brake
  • NEW OPTION: With "SLM" synchro-lifting-mechanism (guarantees equal air gaps between brake lining and brake disc)
  • MADE IN GERMANY, own production
  • Braking by spring force
  • Lifting electro-hydraulically (thruster) - Standard version
  • Different sizes:
    RST-0, RST-0-L (horizontal), RST-1, RST-2, RST-3, RST-4
  • Vertical and horizontal versions (RST-0-L)
  • Sintered brake linings as standard for higher friction speeds

The geometrically optimized system guarantees constant brake torques independent of the rotational directionDue to the standardized and internally produced components, special brake disc constructions can be delivery in a short period of time.

It is possible to install in the constructed place of all RFT Disc Brakes as well as RFT Drum Brakes beside electro-hydraulic thrusters the pneumatic, manual or hydraulic operated lifting devices. 

  • Limit switch protection: Mechanical or inductive
  • "Brake opened", "Brake closed", "Brake check/wear"
  • Hand lifting device
  • Safety limit switch for "hand lifting device in use"
  • Automatic wear adjustment (AVN)
  • Special painting (Please specify RAL color)
  • Special construction
  • Thruster TURBO Control System (faster brake reaction times)
  • Cooling systems for thrusters / Protection against overheating