Caliper safety disc brake type SCFH

Product type:

  • Disc brake

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Product description

"Low-speed" brake.
Caliper safety disc brake direct acting at the board disc of a rope drum.
Load crash security and protection ( also reacting in case of gear shaft fracture).

  • Direct-acting / Without lever transmission
  • Pad forces up to 400 kN per clamp system 
  • Clamp varations on one brake disc (e.g: 4 x SCFH-4= 1600 kN pad force)
  • High and independent direction of rotation braking torque
  • Two identical clamp halves
  • Manual adjustment of brake lining wear
  • Lifting gap adjustable from 1 mm to 3 mm
  • The hydraulic system is completely encapsulated
  • Low-wear sintered brake linings as standard
  • MADE IN GERMANY, own production

The "Fast-speed" brake (between motor and gear box) operated electro-hydraulical (thruster) should be equipped with the "TURBO control system for thrusters" to guarantee almost simultaneous reaction times of both ("Fast- and Low" speed brakes) brake systems. Enormous impacts into the gear box due to different reaction times can be strongly reduced or can be prevented!

  • Braking by spring force
  • Lifting by hydraulic cylinder
  • Self-acting in case of power failure
  • Very high quality and safety level
  • Long service-life / Reduction of maintenance and follow-up costs
  • Monitoring equipment for brake opened, closed, wear
    (Please indicate 2 limit switches)
  • Hand lifting via hand pump on the hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic power units are suitable for parallel operations of clamps
  • Special design for increased or lower ambient temperatures
  • Hydraulic system with hardly inflammable hydraulic liquid
  • Brake discs with hub or in flange-mounted
  • Console construction (Please advise requested clamp position and dimensions)