Band Brakes

Product type:

  • Band brake

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Product description

Single-, Sling-, Multiple-, or Differential band brake
According to customized construction.

  • Braking torque adjustable
  • Braking torques from 100 Nm up to 10.000.000 Nm 
  • Customized construction
  • Larger braking torques on request
  • Self acting in case of power failure
  • MADE IN GERMANY, own production
  • Braking by spring force
  • Lifting electro-hydraulical, hydraulical or pneumatical
  • Other designs on request
  • Customer-specific system solutions
  • Quicker brake reaction in combination with the Thruster TURBO Control System (Operated: Electro-hydraulically)
  • Special construction according to customized request
  • Special paining (Please specify RAL color)
  • Thruster TURBO control system / Quicker brake reaction times of band brake possible